Model - Coco Rocha / ads / runway / September Issue
Director - Steven Sebring 
D.A.M. - Seabring Studios - Fireshot Productions
Data Asset Management
Sep 2014 - Oct 2014
With the collaborative efforts of a rotating 3 person team. 
We conceptualized a daunting task & dove head first into the project.
Of which we wen't about locating, sifting threw, cataloging, organizing & prepping 9 years worth of digital files for long term cloud storage.

D.A.M. - (Data Asset Management)
• Implemented a conceptual approach to the chaos.
• Located & Organized 250+ Hard Drives into an alphanumeric ordering system
• Implemented a naming allocation to said drives
• Started a data based file structured snapshot cataloging process
• Consolidated partially filled drives 
- by shifting unused data blocks, into fully free backup & current use shuttle drives
• Located like data sets & consolidated them onto newly "blanked" drives for shipment to cloud storage
• Left the project in the able hands of the other two team members, after our "system" proved efficent

iPad App _ data Prep
Sep 2014 - Sep 2014
Study Of Pose - Coco Rocha

Batch renamed 1000+ folders & their subsequent 100 internal files, 
to directly match the "Study Of Pose" book page numbers.
For use in an upcoming motion based iPad App.

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